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Selected chamber music programmes:

Solo | mandolin recital - (app. 75 Minutes without break)
Filippo Sauli: III Partita for mandolin solo (“per c, sol, fa, ut.”)
Ernest Bloch: Nigun from Baal-Shem, arranged for mandolin solo
Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita n° 2 BWV 1004
Yasuo Kuwahara: Improvised Poem for mandolin solo (2001)
Avi Avital: Kedma for untuned mandolin

Duo | mandolin & harpsichord
Domenico Scarlatti: SonatA for mandolin & Basso continuo K 90
Roberto Valentini: SonatA for mandolin & Basso continuo
Ludwig van Beethoven: SonatinA WoO 43/1 for mandoline & harpsichord
Ludwig van Beethoven: SonatinA, WoO 44/1 for mandoline & harpsichord
Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata for mandolin & Basso continuo F.XVI
Johann Sebastian Bach: Ciaccona from Partita n° 2
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata for violine & harpsichord obligat, BWV 1019

AVITAL meets AVITAL - A genre defying dialogue
Avi Avital - mandolin
Omer Avital - double bass, oud
Yonathan Avishai - piano
Itamar Doari - percussion

Avital meets Avital is a dialogue between two musicians who come from different worlds but share a common richness of musical heritage.
Grammy nominee mandolinist Avi Avital comes from a classical tradition whilst award-winning bass virtuoso and oud player Omer Avital is an acclaimed jazz performer and composer. In Avital meets Avital these two musicians draw in the diverse influences of Moroccan and North African sounds, flokloric and classical traditions, Israeli harmonis and Mediterranean rhythms creating a muscial melting pot where the finesse of chamber meets the raw emotional energy of jazz.

07.06.2017 - 05.07.2017
10.10.2017 - 25.10.2017

TRIO - "Between The Worlds"
Ksenija Sidorova (accordeon) & Itamar Doari (percussion)

Bartók: „Danses Populaires roumaines“ - for mandolin & accordeon
Turkish folksong: Nacyem Nacyem - for mandolin & accordeon
Bach: Sonata BWV 1019 – Allegro - for mandolin & accordeon
Israeli folksong: Mi Yitneni Of - for mandolin & accordeon
Bach: Sarabande from the Overtüre in french style BWV831 - for accordeon solo
Doari: Improvisations - for percussion solo
Bulgarian folksong: Bucimis - for mandolin & percussion
Tsintsadze: 3 miniatures after georgian folLmusic themes - for mandolin, accordeon & percussion
Bloch: Nigun from Baal-Shem - for mandolin & accordeon
Kreisler: Prelude and Allegro - for mandolin & accordeon
De Falla: 6 spanish folksongs - for mandolin, accordeon & percussion
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras n° 5 - for mandolin, accordeon & percussion
Budashkin: concert - for mandolin, accordeon & percussion

Mandolin & Orchestra
Vivaldi: Concert for mandolin, RV 425 (String selection + harpsichord)
Vivaldi: Concert for mandolin (lute), RV 93 (String selection + harpsichord)

Paisiello: Concert for mandolin (String selection + harpsichord)

Hummel: Concert for mandolin, String selection, 2 flutes und 2 horns

Bach: Concert BWV 1052 Orig. for harpsichord (String selection + harpsichord)
Bach: Concert BWV 1041 Orig. for violin (String selection + harpsichord)
Bach: Concert BWV 1056 Orig. for harpsichord (String selection + harpsichord)
[arranged by Avi Avital]

C.P.E Bach: concert in D-minor Orig. for flute (String selection + harpsichord)

Bartók: „Danses Populaires roumaines“ - for mandolin & accordeon
[arranged by Avi Avital]

De Falla: spanish dance from “The short life” for harpsichord and strings

Tsintsadze: 6 miniatures based on georgian folksongs für mandolin and strings

Comissioned work
Dorman: Concert for mandolin & strings (2006)
commissioned by: Avi Avital

Wiesenberg: Concert for mandolin & chamber orchestra (2008)
commissioned by: “Tel Aviv Soloists”.
[2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinetes, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2x percussion, strings]

Bardanashvili: Concert for mandoline & chamber orchestra (2009)
[strings, piano, percussion, soprano saxophone]

Gardella: Concert for mandoline & symphony orchestra (2007)
commissioned by: Orchestra “I Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano”
[2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinetes, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trompets, 2x percussion, strings]

Porat: “Madrigale” for mandolin & strings (2009)

Double concerts
Blumental: Concert for mandolin, violin and orchesra (2012) (for Daniel Pearl with violinist Ittai Shapira)

Bardanashvili: Double concert for mandolin, clarinett and orchestra (2011)

Ben-Amotz: Double concert for mandolin, clarinett and orchestra (2011)
[Flutes 1, 2 (also piccolo); oboes 1, 2; clarinette (in Bb); bass clarinette; bassoon 1, 2; trompets 1, 2; horns 1, 2 (in F); trombone; 2xpercussion (2 players); timpani; harp; strings]

Programmes subject to change
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