Arditti Quartet

String Quartet

Irvine Arditti
Ashot Sarkissjan
Ralf Ehlers
Lucas Fels
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For their spirited and technically refined interpretations of contemporary and modern music, the Arditti Quartet enjoys a global reputation and has given them a firm place in music history.
Adès, Aperghis, Birtwistle, Cage, Carter, Dufourt, Dusapin, Fedele, Ferneyhough, Francesconi, Gubaidulina, Harvey, Hosokawa, Kagel, Kurtág, Lachenmann, Ligeti, Nancarrow, Rihm, Scelsi, Sciarrino, Stockhausen and....all these composers have entrusted the world premieres of their music to the Arditti Quartet (founded in 1974 by Irvine Arditti).

The ensemble believes that close collaboration with composers is vital to the process of interpreting modern music and therefore attempts to collaborate with every composer whose works it plays. Teaching for many years at the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, the players have given numerous master classes and workshops for young performers and composers all over the world.

The Arditti Quartet's extensive discography features well over 180 CDs. Several of them have been released as part of the ensemble's continuing series on the French label Naïve Montaigne. The series presents numerous contemporary composer features as well as the first digital recordings of the complete Second Viennese School's string quartet music. Renowned for recording many composers' works in their presence, the quartet recorded the complete quartets of Luciano Berio shortly before his death. Legendary episodes in recent music history have also been immortalized on CD such as the ensemble's recording of Stockhausen's spectacular Helicopter Quartet.

Over the past 40 years, the ensemble has received many prizes for its work. It has won the Deutscher Schallplatten Preis several times and the Gramophone Award for the best recording of contemporary music in 1999 (Elliott Carter) and 2002 (Harrison Birtwistle). The prestigious Ernst von Siemens Music Prize was awarded to them in 1999 for lifetime achievement in music, setting the quartet on a par with other winners such as Berio, Britten, Carter, Ferneyhough, Lachenmann, Ligeti and Rihm.

The 2018/2019 season starts with Rihm's performance Act and Day at Der Singel Antwerpen, together with the soprano Claron Mc Fadden. Further concerts will take place in Krakow, Amsterdam, Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, followed by a tour in the US, as well as in South Korea.

2018 / 2019
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Programme I
Premieres 2020

Ben Mason: New work
Christian Mason: New work
Betsy Jolas: New work
Toshio Hosokawa: New work

Programme II
with Jake Arditti (Countertenor)

Dillon: Streichquartett Nr. 9
Paredes: „Canciones Lunáticas“
Henze: Streichquartett Nr. 5
Sciarrino: „Cosa resta“

2019 / 2020
Programme I

Harvey: String Quartet No. 2
Ferneyhough: Adagissimo for String Quartet
Ligeti: String Quartet No. 2
Webern: Six Bagatelles for String Quartet Op. 9
Lachenmann: String Quartet No. 3 “Grido”

Programme II

Ruth Crawford Seeger: String Quartet
Anton Webern: String Quartet No. 1, Op. 28
Morton Feldman: “Structures”
Conlon Nancarrow: String Quartet No. 3
Harrison Birtwistle: String Quartet: “The Tree of Strings”

Programme III

Berg: String Quartet Op. 3
Rihm: String Quartet No. 10
Dusapin: String Quartet No. 7 “Open Time”

Programme IV
with Jake Arditti (Countertenor)

Berg: String Quartet Op. 3
Rihm: String Quartet No. 10
Dusapin: String Quartet No. 7 “Open Time”

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Pascal Dusapin
Pascal Dusapin
Quatuor VI "Hinterland", Hapax Pour Quatuor À Cordes & Orchestre
Quatuor VII "Open Time", 21 Variations Pour Quatuor à Cordes

Orchestre Philharmonique De Radio France
Pascal Rophé - Conductor

Abrahamsen: String Quartets
Hans Abrahamsen
String Quartets No. 1-4

Winter & Winter, 2017

First Performance VI
Emmanuel Nunes
Chessed III For String Quartet (1990/91)

Alfred Zimmerlin
String Quartet No. 4 With Fatrasie À Jürg Wyttenbach As Interpolation (2015)

Morton Feldman
Structures For String Quartet (1951)

Helmut Lachenmann
String Quartet No. 3 "Grido" (2001/02)

Bmn Audiophil, 2016

Gifts And Greetings

Wolfgang Rihm: In Verbundenheit
Hans Abrahamsen: For Arditti Quartet
Toshio Hosokawa: Small River In Distance
Brian Ferneyhough: Silentium
Brice Pauset: Wahrheitsverfahren (I: Wissenschaft)
Mark Andre: iv 13a
Marco Stroppa: La Vita Immobile
Liza Lim: The Weaver’s Knot
Harrison Birtwistle: Hoquetus Irvinius
Hilda Paredes: Hacia Una Bitácora Capilar
James Clarke: String Quartet No. 3
Georg Friedrich Haas: LAIR
Uri Caine: Caprice 13
Johannes Maria Staud: Stringendo (Zugabe Für Emil Breisach)

Uri Caine - Piano
Brice Pauset - Harpsichord

Winter & Winter, 2016

Ofenbauer: String Quartets 1997-2011
Christian Ofenbauer
Streichquartettsatz 1997
Zerstörung des Zimmers / der Zeit 1999
Zweiter Streichquartettsatz 2008
Dritter Streichquartettsatz 2009
BruchStück IX / Vierter Streichquartettsatz 2010
Fünfter Streichquartettsatz 2011
Sechster Streichquartettsatz 2011

World Premier Recordings


Arditti Quartet - Helmut Lachenmann: Streichquartett Nr. 3 "Grido"
Arditti Quartet - Morton Feldman (1926-1987) "Structures for string quartet" (1951)


Lenemarie Leukefeld
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Ellen Bäuerle
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