ARD-Competition Award-Winning Quartet 2022

String Quartet

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We take up the old tradition of “blindly” preparing a laureate tour for the winner of one of the most prominent competitions. This tour is also a major appeal for the best among the younger ones to register for the ARD String Quartet Competition 2022, representing a great chance to be seen and heard right after having been selected.

The International ARD Music Competition 2022 in the category String Quartet has come to an end on Saturday evening, September 10th, 2022, at 10:15pm. After an exciting finale, we are pleased to announce that the Barbican Quartet was awarded the 1st prize as well as the prize for the best interpretation of the contemporary piece and will now be the quartet to play the prize-winners tour next March.

The laureate tour will take place during the period of 4–19 March 2023.
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Contact: Linda Uschinski (Department Head)


17:00 Uhr
DE / Wolfenbüttel - St. Johannis-Kirche
Barbican Quartet
20:00 Uhr
DE / Gauting - “Bosco” Kulturhaus
Barbican Quartet
20:00 Uhr
DE / Trier - Kurfürstliches Palais Rokokosaal
Barbican Quartet
20:00 Uhr
DE / Nürtingen - Kreuzkirche ODER Stadthalle K3N
Barbican Quartet
14:00 Uhr
DE / Berlin - Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Kleiner Saal
Barbican Quartet
19:30 Uhr
DE / Polling - Bibliothekssaal Polling
Barbican Quartet
19:30 Uhr
DE / Tegernsee - Schloß Tegernsee
Barbican Quartet
19:00 Uhr
DE / Göttingen - Aula der Universität
Barbican Quartet


Linda Uschinski (Department Head)
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