Martina Gedeck


"Umrahmt von Musik tritt Sprache klarer hervor, umrahmt von Sprache leuchtet Musik tiefer auf. Herz und Verstand werden in schönem, sich abwechselndem Gleichmaß angesprochen und belebt, kurz: Das eine gibt dem anderen eine Bühne."
Martina Gedeck, Concerti, September 2018
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Martina Gedeck is one of Germany's most distinguished and popular actresses. She completed her acting training at the Universität der Künste (University of the Arts) in Berlin. She made her theater debut at the Frankfurt Theater am Turm, followed by engagements in Hamburg, Basel and Berlin. At the same time, she started her career as a film actress.
The film industry celebrated her with almost all major film awards from the Adolf Grimme Award to the star on the Boulevard der Stars. Above all, her performance in “Bella Martha”, the Oscar-winning film “The Lives of Others” and the Oscar-nominated “The Baader-Meinhof Complex” catapulted her into the league of large-scale international productions, where she appeared alongside Matt Damon, Jeremy Irons or Helen Mirren. Most recently, Martina Gedeck excelled in the Austrian film adaptation “Die Wand”, with Klaus Maria Brandauer in “Die Auslöschung”, in the “Nachtzug nach Lisbon” with Jeremy Irons, in “Am Hang”, in the multi-award-winning television game “Das Ende der Geduld” and 2015 in the feature films “Anne Frank” and “Gleissendes Glück”.

Martina Gedeck is a member of the European Film Academy, the German Film Academy, the Academy of Performing Arts as well as the recipient of the Bavarian Order of Merit and the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

2021 / 2022
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19:30 Uhr
DE / Kiel - Petruskirche Wik -
Schumann Quartett, Martina Gedeck
19:30 Uhr
DE / Hamburg - Ev. Luth. Kirchengemeinde Blankenese -
Schumann Quartett, Martina Gedeck
15:00 Uhr
DE / Bad Kissingen - Regentenbau - Max-Littmann-Saal
Schumann Quartett, Martina Gedeck
19:00 Uhr
DE / Köthen - St. Agnus-Kirche -
Martina Gedeck, Mayumi Hirasaki
18:00 Uhr
DE / Bremen/ Sande-Gödens - Schloss Gödens - Barocksaal
Schumann Quartett, Martina Gedeck
11:00 Uhr
DE / Corvey - Schloss Corvey -
Martina Gedeck, András Schiff
20:00 Uhr
DE / Wolfegg - Schloss Wolfegg -
Martina Gedeck, Orchester der Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele


Operntrailer "Violetter Schnee", Staatsoper unter den Linden Berlin, 2019


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